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How It Works

Selling your New and Barely Used Hair!

We accept new and old hair products including wigs, weaves, extensions, and more. You’re also welcome to give or sell hair products on the marketplace.

If you decided to open an account as a vendor,  please remember that it is your responsibility to ship the products to the customer within 72 hours as all payments will be made directly to you, no third parties. If you submitted a form, we will notify you when you receive an offer and will send you payment only after you have shipped the order.

There is a transaction fee of 7%, and all shipping cost is covered by the vendor.

If the hair is donated, we will give it away for free on the marketplace or we send it to our hair drives. We do not resell donated hair.

Do you have hair you bought but never used?

Have you only worn a weave or wig only a few times?

We understand that there is value in hair and people pay money for it.  This platform is dedicated to recycling tresses instead of throwing them away.

Evaluate the hair you have to see if it is good enough to resell.  It’s even better if the hair is still in its original package. All types of hair are accepted.

Keep in mind, though, that the resell value will be lower than the purchase value.  This applies even if the hair is still in its original package and you haven’t used it before. If you have used the hair a few times, you might see the resale value drop by around 50% of the purchase value.

If you think your hair is market worthy, create an account.

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