Hair Weave For Cash essentially buys your used and unused human hair weave and wigs. As hair weave becomes increasingly expensive and at times only used once, we are here to give back money to you. We recycle your hair for a good cause in an inexpensive and eco-friendly way.Hair Weave for Cash small


We are an eco-friendly non-profit organization that refurbishes weave and donate it to cancer patients or people with major hair loss.


The hair pieces are closely examined and given a rating of one through four, with four being the highest. You can get as much as $100 per once based on the quality of the weave you send to us.

The used hair undergoes a four step process of refurbishment.

  1. Marination: Soaking the hair to release all toxins for 36 hours.
  2. Drainage: Draining off all the toxins and stripping of all dirt.
  3. Rectification: The hair is thoroughly washed and sun dried.
  4. Enhancement: We complete the process by bridging all the loose ends to create wigs and then to send to patients.

All pieces can take up to a week to be thoroughly refurbished.

How It Works

HW4CStep 1: You must fill out the Hair Weave For Cash Intake Form with the information about the hair you want to sell and your contact information.

Step 2: One we receive the form, we send you a care package with the form within seven business days. This is free. Your only job is to put the hair in the box, place the pre-paid postage stamp on the box, and ship it back to us.

Step 3: After a seven day evaluation process, we send you an email with the Hair Piece Grading Info Analysis with an offer for your hair.

Step 4: If you accept the offer, we will send payment through paypal or certified check. If you do not accept the offer, we ship the hair back to you.

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